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7 October 2018

Business of Design Week (BoDW) speaker Nimrod Weis.

Nimrod Weis

Nimrod Weis ENESS

Melbourne artist and designer Nimrod Weis is part sculptor/part technologist dreamer.

Nimrod has been an innovator in the field of interactive art and new media design over the past twenty years. He is co-founder of ENESS, a multi-disciplinary design studio founded in 1997, whose work explores the intersection between the virtual and physical worlds to create a unique brand of interactive public art installation.

Nimrod is a passionate provocateur – constantly seeking to challenge the way we view cities and their spaces, and to explore ways in which our shared experiences of technology and art bond us together. His work increasingly seeks to democratise the experience of art and entertainment, making it deliberately open to people of all ages and backgrounds.

Together with his team at ENESS, he delves into the deeper potential of interactivity to form emotive responses from audiences. ENESS’ rebellious, playful and accessible style of work seduces viewers to get closer and experience unexpected curiosities, taking their digital art installations out of the exhibition and gallery and into the realm of public space.