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8 October 2018

Business of Design Week (BoDW) speaker Meaghan Dwyer.

Image of Meaghan Dwyer

Meaghan Dwyer John Wardle Architects

Meaghan Dwyer has been practising as an architect for nearly 20 years. In this time, she has worked either directly for, or in association with, a range of small, medium and large practices across Australia.

Her current role at John Wardle Architects allows her to pursue her particular interest in public buildings and urban places. She has a deep affinity for the places and spaces that are central to how we experience public life: a civic square, an auditorium, or a place of learning. Dwyers’s role at John Wardle Architects allows her to explore the social and cultural context of these spaces. She has lead a number of significant projects from the design phase through to completion.

She has assisted in the final year of Bachelor of Planning and Design at the University of Melbourne and has frequently participated in student design reviews at the University of Melbourne, Monash University and RMIT University.

Dwyer was the AIA Chair of the Education Award Jury in 2016, Chair of the Melbourne Prize Jury in 2014 and a Juror in the Public Buildings: Alterations and Additions category of the AIA Awards in 2010.