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21 October 2018

Business of Design Week (BoDW) speaker David Flack and Mark Robinson.

Flack and Robinson

David Flack and Mark Robinson Flack Studio

Flack Studio, led by David Flack and Mark Robinson, is an interior architecture and design practice based in Melbourne. Established in 2014, Flack Studio works across residential, commercial and hospitality environments.

Flack is armed with experience and skill acquired in his formative years working within collaborative environments at some of Melbourne’s most esteemed design practices, while Robinson brings 20 years of experience in the film industry to the design world.

Flack’s personality influences his style, and his clients welcome his approachability and ever-curious nature. Flack’s tendency to embrace whimsy and freshness in everyday life brings a contemporary balance to his aesthetic, which is informed by a respect for the architecture and design of bygone eras, his regular travel adventures, and an appreciation of discovering unusual and beautiful things.

The Flack Studio aesthetic is contemporary yet respectfully classic. Its designs are bold and elegantly masculine, nodding to restrained stateliness but offset with unexpected, light-hearted elements.

Holding craftsmanship in high regard, Flack and Robinson combine warm materials with clean lines, textural palettes and fine detailing. The end result is considered and welcoming spaces.


Instagram: @flackstudio