Creative State is the first strategy of its kind in Victoria. It represents a new way for the government to understand and support Victoria's creative industries– its people, organisations and ecosystem. As such, implementing this strategy required a new framework – including a new act of Parliament – and new partnerships.

As Creative State is a four-year commitment, some of its actions were designed to be implemented quickly while others will require longer term planning and execution. In many cases, actions rely on partnerships with other organisations.

Representative and peak bodies, such as the ArtsIndustry Council of Victoria, Game Developers Association of Australia,Regional Arts Victoria and Arts Access Victoria have been, and will continue to be, crucial for advice on the structure or content of programs, or to act as a delivery partner, as will representatives from Victoria's Aboriginal creative community. For design-related work, the Office of the Victorian Government Architect, the Design Institute of Australia and the Australian Graphic Designers Association have important roles. For initiatives in regional areas, the establishment of co-working spaces, public events and programming and community participation active involvement from local governments is critical.

Other groups in the Department such as Regional Development Victoria, Investment and Economic Projects, Trade Victoria and Sector Development and Programs have also offered support that is complementary to actions in this strategy.

Find out how Actions 35-40 have helped to pave the way forward and will continue to ensure that Creative State is implemented in the most effective way:

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