Stimulating innovation for wider creative impact 

Children in costumes throwing paper in the air

Polyglot Theatre and Suitcase Royale Separation Street (2015). Photo: Greta Costello

Creativity is not limited to the creative industries. It has major impact when used in other parts of our economy and society. 

Creative, cultural and artistic experiences and skills have a valuable place in mainstream healthcare to reduce stress, pain and anxiety and to improve community wellbeing. In education, they can deliver better academic results, higher motivation and attendance, and greater resilience.

Game technology and ideas, or gamification, has been used in Victoria to deliver novel approaches in police training, to reduce obesity and for injury rehabilitation. Community arts projects have achieved a reduction in recidivism rates of 50 per cent.

The application of creative services and cultural experience has enormous potential to deliver wide-reaching social outcomes for Victorians but has suffered from lack of investment and co-ordination. More needs to be done across different social policy areas and with different parts of government to demonstrate impact and encourage investment. 

Creativity is also an under-utilised resource for Victorian businesses. As the basis of innovation, creativity can drive productivity, economic growth and job creation. The more innovative a business, the more likely it is to export, create jobs, train employees and turn a higher profit.

Design is one of the tools that help businesses to improve processes, products and services, and to compete internationally. Existing government programs support the design sector and also help to build business capability and increase innovation across different industries. More can be done to promote the benefits of design and expand its application to make Victorian businesses more competitive. 

The government established Creative Victoria to drive this agenda in a more dedicated and coordinated way. This will see the impact of creativity pushed further. 

Learn about the progress of Creative State Actions 15-19, worth $14.05 million over four years, to see how we are broadening the application of creative services, products and content to achieve social and economic benefits.

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