Extending Victoria's impact and profile for global audiences, visitors and markets

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Victoria contributes to, and is shaped by, the wider global community. To be a confident, outward-looking state, it is imperative that we continue to deepen our engagement globally and connect with ideas and influences beyond our borders.

The most successful creative places operate on an international stage, connecting with overseas partners, collaborators and audiences. Global engagement amplifies opportunities for ideas and inspiration, for collaboration and trade, for talent attraction and tourism, for cultural relationships and diplomacy.

International markets are vital for Victorian creators and, in some cases, the primary focus. For example, more than 90 per cent of Victorian digital games product is developed for a global audience, which is growing at 5.7 per cent per annum and expected to be worth more than US$93 billion by 2019. Growth in Asian markets in particular, continues to outpace most international economies and presents ongoing potential for trade, tourism and cultural engagement. Victoria's strongest exports are in services, highlighting the ongoing opportunity to increase creative services exports, particularly in the design sector.

Victoria is internationally known for exceptional cultural infrastructure and experiences – our large-scale cultural events and exhibitions, vibrant small to medium sector and thriving independent scenes, such as music, theatre and the visual arts. This cultural offering draws tourists from across Australia and the world and is central to our liveability and international brand. It is also key to attracting and retaining the world's top talent.

On these foundations, Victoria can continue to build a larger international market, expand its touring programs and international relationships, strengthen its brand and draw increasing benefits.

crossy road

Crossy Road by Hipster Whale

These foundations are also a basis for building on Melbourne's status as a culturally-rich and outwardly-focused city. Melbourne already has an enviable international brand as one of the most liveable cities in the world. In part, this relies on the quality and depth of our creative talent and cultural assets. We want to see Melbourne continue to develop as a major global city, to be recognised and visited for its remarkable cultural programming and assets.

The Victorian Government undertakes inbound and outbound trade missions, delivers major trade and cultural events that draw visitors and investment to the state. It maintains a network of international offices to support Victorian organisations in key markets like China, Indonesia, India, Europe and the United States. The flagship Victoria Invitation Program provides a platform to showcase Victoria's creative industries strengths. A new marketing strategy for the state, to be implemented by Visit Victoria, will leverage cultural programming and assets to grow Victoria's visitor economy and jobs in metropolitan and regional areas.

Learn about the progress of Creative State Actions 29-34, worth $5.05 million over four years, to see how we are boosting Victoria's international reputation and creative profile, stimulating tourism, trade and investment, connecting Victorian talent and creative businesses to the world and strengthening global opportunities for our creators and artists.

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