Creative State – Victoria's first creative industries strategy – takes a state-wide and cross-sector approach to Victoria's creative industries. Most of the initiatives within the strategy are relevant to the entire sector. There are, however, several which particularly focus on social impact.

Creative State acknowledges not only the cultural and economic value of the creative industries but also their capacity to address a range of social needs. The strategy delivers support to increase arts and creative opportunities in schools, and for projects exploring the role of arts in addressing social challenges such as building resilience among at-risk youth and improving wellbeing among those with mental illness. These and other projects will be undertaken with partners across government and the community to deliver wide-reaching outcomes.

The following Creative State actions are of particular importance for social impact:

15.  Social Impact project
16. Government and community design capability
17. Creative education


15. Social impact projects

Cultural and creative services and products deliver a range of social benefits. This action will significantly increase the number of projects that apply the services and expertise of the creative industries towards social goals. Projects will be developed in partnership with other areas of government (such as the Departments of Health and Human Services, Premier and Cabinet, Education and Training and Justice and Regulation), social delivery NGOs, and philanthropic organisations.

Two initial examples are:

  • Creativity and mental health
    A project to capture the benefits of participation in creative arts production for the health and well-being of people with a serious mental illness. Utilising writers, directors and actors, the project will be delivered through a partnership between Prahran Mission and the University of Melbourne.
  • Music and at-risk youth
    A project that will engage at-risk CALD young people through harnessing the power of music, to give voice to the issues that impact them. Utilising eminent artists, the project will be delivered in partnership with Mushroom Group and community organisations.

16. Government and community design capability

A new program to support government, not-for-profit and community organisations to make service improvements and increase innovation and efficiency using design. This will help a broad range of organisations develop new capabilities, be more innovative and improve services.

17. Creative education

Creative Victoria will work with the Department of Education and Training to develop stronger creative and artistic capability in children and young people by helping schools embed arts and other creative programs in the curriculum. Consistent with the government's Education State policy, this collaborative approach will contribute to better student experience and outcomes.