Minister Martin FoleyCreative State puts creativity at the heart of Victoria's future.

It recognises all the different forms of value our creative industries bring to Victoria. It aims to enrich our cultural and creative activity, develop our creative practitioners working in all fields and support the diversity of our cultural organisations. It will strengthen both our wider community and our economy. It sets the path to fund, co-design and build these opportunities.

Creativity and cultural activity enriches our human condition. It defines who we are. It changes and reshapes our world. It inspires us, helps us build stronger, more cohesive communities. It increasingly drives new jobs and innovation. Creative and cultural industries can be life affirming, life changing and life saving. Creative State recognises, and will build on, all of these values.

It is the intrinsic value of creative and cultural expression that Victorian creative excel at. They spark our imagination, drive innovation and provide opportunity.

Creativity has a largely untapped role in delivering wider community solutions to many issues Victoria faces. Education, mental health, physical wellbeing, corrections and community cohesion all do better when our artistic, cultural and creative sectors are engaged with them. The way in which cultural solutions help to solve social problems is the challenge we set ourselves. To this end, Creative State will make cultural solutions a key to our social future.

Our creative industries are important to our prosperity. They will drive new approaches to job creation and industry innovation. As our economy transitions and the new jobs of the future emerge, creative industries will be increasingly important to the economic future of the next generation.

Creative State sees our economic future built on creativity. From our booming digital games sector to design in its many guises;  our independent creators, operating in every imaginable field of artistic, screen and digital work, to our much loved local and state-wide cultural institutions, Creative State will support these areas to create jobs, grow businesses and take our people and ideas to the world. It will also make sure those same opportunities are available in every suburb and every town.

I want to thank all the people who worked on this, Victoria's first creative industries strategy, who helped shape it and to whom we look to help deliver its actions. I particularly thank the Creative Industries Taskforce and Expert Reference Group who shaped the issues based on the ideas and participation of thousands of people over the course of 2015. 

Creative State invests over $115 million in our future. It's an investment in our creative practitioners and our cultural and community vibrancy. It defines the role creativity will play in our society as one of the pillars of Victoria's globally connected future.

Minister for Creative Industries

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