Creative State 2016-2020 is the Victorian Government's strategy to strengthen and grow the state's creative industries and the value they bring to Victorians.

Launched in April 2016, following extensive sector and public consultation, the four year strategy is backed by $115 million in new funding.

It contains 40 targeted actions which together provide an integrated plan to grow the state's creative and cultural economy, provide more opportunities for Victorians to embark on creative careers and enjoy creative experiences, and position Victoria as a globally recognised creative state.

Read the foreword from the Minister for Creative Industries or watch his speech from the Creative State launch.

The actions fall into five areas of focus, these are:

A handful of actions are about getting foundations right to pave The Way Forward.

You can explore these focus areas and learn about the status of each of the actions in our progress report.

Creative State also provides an overview of Victoria's creative industries and their strengths, opportunities and challenges, and the Victorian Government's integrated approach to their development.

Creative State 2020+

As the original Creative State strategy enters its final year, the Victorian Government is looking ahead to 2020 and beyond. Work has commenced on the development of Victoria's next creative industries strategy which will guide initiatives and investment between 2020-2024.

A 20-member Creative Industries Advisory Group has been appointed comprising established and emerging leaders from across the state's creative industries, and an open state-wide consultation process is now underway.

There are a number of ways to contribute, both online and in person. Please visit our consultation website for all the details, including public forums across the state.

We encourage you to get involved and share your insights, experiences and big ideas for Victoria's creative future.

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Creative State is a product of wide consultation with people working across Victoria's creative industries and the public.

In April 2015, a special Ministerial Taskforce was assembled to lead a lead a public conversation about the value and future of Victoria's creative industries. The Taskforce was backed an Expert Reference Group comprising leaders from sectors including regional arts, design, games development, cultural  entrepreneurship, Indigenous arts and culture, film and television, music, media, urban renewal, visual and performing arts, and festivals, as well as experts in philanthropy, law, business and commerce.

Victorians were invited to contribute to the discussion - and respond to a discussion paper (DOCX, 44.5 KB) - during a five-week open consultation process, which included state-wide workshops and a dedicated online strategy consultation website. Over 8,500 people visited the strategy website, contributing 200 discussion threads, and posting  370 ideas which attracted over 5,000 votes.

Having considered all contributions to the discussion, the Taskforce delivered a report to Government outlining a series of initiatives designed to strengthen and grow Victoria's creative and cultural economy, and reap social and cultural benefits right across the state. The Taskforce report (DOCX, 5.8 MB) became the key resource in the development of Creative State.