1. A Creative State Advisory Board has been appointed to provide advice on aspects of strategy and implementation in support of Victoria's new Creative Industries Strategy, Creative State.  
  2. The Advisory Board will work across Government, with Creative Victoria and with Victoria's creative industries sector to advise on the development and delivery of new priorities. 
  3. In undertaking its work, the Advisory Board will take into account related initiatives proposed or being delivered by government portfolios that complement the creative industries.   


  1. The Advisory Board will debate, prioritise and take a leadership role in implementing government policy to ensure the success of Creative State. To this end, the Advisory Board will:
    • Work with Creative Victoria and provide advice on the implementation of actions contained within Creative State.
    • Convene, as required, working groups comprised of any external members whose skills and experience reflect the specialisation needed in each case.
    • Provide advice on the further investigation and development of key actions in Creative State.
    • Champion the creative industries and Creative State through members' respective networks. 

Membership, Authority and Administration

  1. The Minister for Creative Industries will chair the Creative State Advisory Board.
  2. The Advisory Board is an expert-based advisory committee of 10 to 15 members, formed for a three-year period.
  3. All Advisory Board members shall be appointed by the Minister, in accordance with applicable Victorian Government guidelines, for a period of up to three years.
  4. Members shall be reimbursed for any reasonable expenses incurred in the course of their work for the Advisory Board.
  5. Members must adhere to confidentiality and conflict of interest arrangements, as determined by the Minister.
  6. The Advisory Board will meet up to four times a year, or as otherwise determined by the Chair.
  7. Creative Victoria will provide secretariat support.