Notes of encouragement from your fellow creatives

Resilient, pragmatic, devoted, determined, imaginative and generous, Victorian creatives have so much to offer. Take a look...

Creative profile: Sarah Beaumont

An abandoned 1950s service station is transformed into Servo@23, a creative hub and exhibition space.

Creative profile: Katie Sfetkidis

Meet the lighting designer expanding her practice.

Creative profile: Denni Francisco

Meet the Wiradjuri fashion designer with 25 years experience.

Creative profile: Alex Cardy

Meet the cinematographer with a passion for queer cinema.

Creative profile: Nhatty Man

Meet the musician recording in his downtime.

Creative profile: Brenna Quinlan

Meet the illustrator drawing a more hopeful future.

What's on this week

Updated every Friday, a few highlights of the many creative sector events, activities and initiatives that aim to provide you with support, sustenance, solace or inspiration at this time.
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Learn: Law + Social Media for creatives

Arts Access Victoria is hosting the Arts Law Society team to take you through the important “legal side” of harnessing social media to benefit you and how to protect your work. In addition Arts Law are offering free one-on-one legal advice sessions following each workshop. From 10am Thursday, 5 November.

Explore: ACMI

ACMI transforms into one of the world's most digitally connected museums with a revamped website and online accessibility.

Listen: Performing the Past

Uncover stories from the Australian Performing Arts Collection in this creative docu-drama podcast taking a look at what happened to Melbourne theatre during the 1919 influenza pandemic.

Support Act Wellbeing Helpline

The Support Act Wellbeing Helpline is a completely confidential and free of charge 24/7 phone counselling service.

Simply phone 1800 959 500 to speak with an experienced, qualified clinician about any aspect of your mental health and wellbeing. You can make an appointment, or request to speak to someone immediately.

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