Building capability and conditions for growth

A man with giant puppets

Snuff Puppets studio. Photo: Theresa Harrison

Creative practitioners and organisations, particularly small and independent players, operate in a complex system involving a multitude of people, institutions and places. To flourish they require access to a suite of inter-connected resources and capabilities. 

This creative ecosystem has different parts – education and skills, entrepreneurship, research, infrastructure and finance. It encompasses both highly commercialised sectors, including music, digital games, television production, architecture and design and those more culturally focused. But its strength relies on how well the parts interact. 

Local firms produce quality products and services and would benefit from stronger export capability. Many creative practitioners need greater understanding of regulation, legal issues and business practice to transform an idea into an enterprise. Lack of affordable space to work is commonly experienced. 

A strong ecosystem will create a dynamic interplay between different parts of the creative industries and with the broader economy. It will support organisations to be innovative and will ensure a continual pipeline of activity to create jobs, infrastructure, cultural vibrancy and growth. 

There are areas where the government is already taking action to support businesses, including in the creative industries. LaunchVic will work in partnership with entrepreneurs, industry, businesses, the community and our educational institutions to strengthen Victoria's startup and entrepreneurial ecosystem. For independent operators and small businesses, there are Small Business Workshops, Small Business Mentoring and Grow Your Business to help business owners make strategic decisions, improve management skills and develop businesses. 

Film Victoria programs invest in organisational creativity, capability and continuity, as does Creative Victoria's reformed Organisations Investment Program. The government invests in major infrastructure and institutions which provide spaces and will be required to deliver increased opportunities for creative practice and collaboration to the broader sector as part of the substantial government investment in their operations. 

Under Creative State, we will deliver new actions totaling $57.35 million over four years that address critical parts of the creative industries ecosystem, complementing and enhancing existing initiatives. This will accelerate the development of creative businesses and organisations, unlock opportunities for collaboration and drive employment opportunities for sustainable creative practice. 

A strong ecosystem will create a dynamic interplay between different parts of the creative industries and with the broader economy 

New Actions

Business Development 

  1. Business acceleration
    Targeted action to assist the establishment and growth of entrepreneurial creative enterprises. It will stimulate business growth among ambitious organisations through access to business, management, technical, legal, marketing and governance support. It will create new partnerships, help exploit new technologies and explore different forms of funding, financing and investment from government and private sources. Wherever possible, it will partner with LaunchVic and leverage existing models such as the Melbourne Accelerator Program.
  2. Co-working spaces & creative places
    A program to activate co-working spaces and hubs across the state. It will leverage partnerships with councils, property owners, philanthropic supporters and other stakeholders to identify and unlock creative spaces in metropolitan and regional areas. Using a mix of capital, infrastructure and operational grants, it will build on recent groundbreaking initiatives such as ACMI X, Testing Grounds and the Collingwood Arts Precinct.
  3. Leverage government buying power
    Access offered to the government's media buying contract to small, medium and major arts organisations supported under the Organisations Investment Program. This will deliver significantly reduced advertising rates for these organisations.
  4. Collections Storage Victoria – Ballarat
    Construction of an additional collections storage module to augment State Library Victoria's regional storage facility, and planning for the next phase of storage development. This investment is part of a collections management strategy to protect and develop the state's $5 billion cultural collection.

Innovation and collaboration 

  1. OIP capacity building
    A new dedicated stream of funding, as part of the Organisations Investment Program, to underpin innovation, collaboration and growth in the small to medium arts sector. It will enable organisations to implement innovative strategies to build audiences, respond to new business and market challenges and increase return on investment.
  2. Marketing innovation
    Extension of a pilot program to enable small to medium creative industry organisations, from all creative sectors, to undertake innovative marketing projects to grow their audiences or markets in new ways.
  3. Creative industries summit
    An annual summit, supported by a year‑round program of events with leading thinkers and practitioners from across the cultural and creative landscape. This will enable industry networking, expansion of business practice, new partnerships and new ideas. 

Screen actions delivered by Film Victoria 

  1. Screen businesses
    A new program that will build longterm capability and strengthen the sector. It will support screen businesses looking to expand their operations by creating new business streams and market relationships.
  2. Screen production and events
    Renewed funding to support Victoria's screen businesses and practitioners, including:
    • for the production of high quality, diverse and engaging film, television and online content for Australian and international audiences 
    • to attract footloose film and television projects to the state 
    • for games companies to create and market a diverse range of games for any distribution platform with an emphasis on the creation of intellectual property and long-term benefits for their business 
    • for the Melbourne International Film Festival Premiere Fund to provide co‑financing to new Australian feature films that will have their international premiere at MIFF 
    • for key film festivals and to retain major screen business conferences in Victoria.