Creating more opportunities to produce and present great work

Dress by LYN-AL

Dress by LYN-AL

Creative people are the heart, soul and driver of the creative industries. Victoria is rich with talented people who generate new ideas, push boundaries and bring exciting new work to life. 

Our creators are diverse and innovative. Whether provocative or familiar, traditional or experimental, collaborative or solo, pure or cross-disciplinary, new creative content is fundamental to the culture, identity and creative capacity of the state. 

Creating new work can be challenging. Investment in time and materials is high and commercial rewards uncertain. Innovation, experimentation and the possibility of failure, critical to creative development, are not always compatible with sustainable practice. Opportunities for career development can be difficult to recognise, access or devote time to. 

The government provides substantial support for individual practitioners through Creative Victoria and Film Victoria programs and is committed to do more, particularly when it comes to investing in ambitious works of scale, supporting professional development and building the capacity and profile of Victoria's Aboriginal creative sector. 

Under Creative State, we will deliver new programs worth $6.35 million over four years to back our creative talent, support the bold and ambitious and create significant new works of scale and impact. These will enable Victorian creators to devote enough time and effort to their craft, take their careers to the next level and continue to renew and reinvigorate Victoria's cultural landscape. 

New Actions

  1. Aboriginal arts and culture
    A suite of initiatives to strengthen the practice of Aboriginal creatives in Victoria and deepen engagement with our unique Victorian Aboriginal culture. An action plan, developed with the guidance of Aboriginal creative practitioners and cultural organisations, will deliver across key areas:

    • expanding Creative Victoria's Aboriginal Professional Development Program; 
    • increasing opportunities for the broader community to engage with Aboriginal cultural content; 
    • increasing Aboriginal training and employment in the creative sector; and 
    • developing sector leadership. 
  2. Creators fund 
    Support for creative practitioners to undertake sustained periods of intensive creative development, research and experimentation. Open to practitioners from different disciplines and at different career stages, it will enable the production of significant works and career advancement.  

  3. Landmark works 
    A program to commission works on a scale beyond the capacity of existing Creative Victoria programs. Commissioned works will be ambitious and groundbreaking, with the power to inspire others, generate widespread audience and community engagement and increase tourism to the state. 

  4. Talent development
    A program to enable Victorian practitioners to gain industry experience or undertake professional development opportunities to further their practice and careers. This may include training, mentoring, secondments, residencies and other career advancement opportunities. 

  5. Screen professional development
    Renewed funding for professional development initiatives delivered by Film Victoria that support opportunities for Victorian screen practitioners to develop and increase practical skills and industry knowledge.