As part of a project to help guide and shape Creative Victoria's programs and initiatives for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander creative sector, a research project was established to identify areas of strength, and opportunities for improved support and growth in the sector.

The Aboriginal State of the Arts Research project focussed on finding out what support currently exists for Aboriginal arts, cultural and creative activities across the state. 

Victorian government departments, local government representatives and arts organisations were surveyed to gain an idea of programs that are currently on offer, to identify gaps in support and also to make recommendations about how support for the Indigenous creative sector could be most effectively targeted and delivered by these bodies.    

This report is the first phase of the research. The second phase involved consultation with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander artists and creative practitioners. The information gained through both research phases was used to inform the development of the Creative State Victoria's first creative industries strategy, which will guide Creative Victoria's actions for strengthening Victoria's Indigenous arts and creative sector.