Melbourne Logo

    If you are producing collateral for an international market, the Victorian Government's Melbourne logo is to be used in place of the Creative Victoria logo. This is the Victorian Government logo for all international activity.

    If you have any queries about its use, please contact Creative Victoria's Communications Manager for advice.


    Right click on the link below (on a Macintosh press the Control key and click) and select 'save as' or 'save target as' to download the logo device. If you require other formats, please email with your requirements:

    Guidelines for Use

    This logo must be used on all materials relating to your funded project or activity that will be used outside of Australia. Its size and placement should be commensurate with the level of support provided by the Victorian Government and relative to other supporters or sponsors. Minimum size, clear space and other requirements are outlined below.

    If you have any queries about placement or use of the logo, please contact our Communications Manager.

    Minimum size

    Minimum size requirements for the Melbourne logo

    When used in print, the logo must not be any smaller than 11mm (h) x 20.58mm (w). Please note the image above is not actual size and is for reference only.

    Clear space

    Above, below and to each side of the logo there must be clear space equal to the height of the "M" in Melbourne contained within the logo.

    Clearspace requirements for the Melbourne logo

    Other Requirements

    • The logo elements cannot be split, resized or coloured individually.
    • No alterations or distortions can be made to the logo device.
    • The logo is not to be redrawn or hand-duplicated.