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Disability Action Plans - Planning and Actions

This section of the ADAPT resource gets in depth on all of the details you need to get your Disiability Action Plan working smoothly.

What does a disability action plan look like?

Disability Action Plans are an effective strategy to increase the participation of people with a disability in arts and cultural life
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What areas should we include in the plan?

The Victorian Disability Act 2006 identifies four outcome areas to effect positive change for people with disability
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Why does our organisation need a disability action plan?

In 1948, the United Nations adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, enshrining in that document the right for all individuals to participate in the arts
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What are the benefits for our organisation?

Arts organisations embracing inclusive practices have identified numerous benefits of inclusive practices
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How can we promote understanding of inclusion among staff?

One of the key barriers preventing people with a disability from participating in the arts is lack of disability awareness.
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