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Arts and Disability

In this section you can find out more about art and disability, why it is important to be inclusive and some information, including facts and figures and clips featuring current practice, that will provide a better understanding of inclusive arts practice.

Inclusion - participation of people with disability in arts and cultural life

The arts are a continuous conversation about our values and our world, and everyone should have the opportunity to contribute
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Art and disbaility

Art and Disability is an umbrella term for the emerging creative industries made up of people with disabilities and allies utilising the broadest range of art forms
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Building inclusive arts and cultural organisations through Disability Action Plans

Arts Victoria has committed to identifying gaps and strategies to address barriers to accessing arts and culture for people with disabilities in Victoria.
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Inclusive arts practice - rights and obligations?

All arts and cultural organisations must comply with various federal and state legislation that requires them to ensure people with disability can participate and realise their aspirations to be involved in arts and cultural life.
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