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$1 Million to Support Arts Projects at Home and Abroad

Date: 28 October 2010

From Berlin and Beijing to Ballarat and Brunswick, Minister for the Arts Peter Batchelor today announced more than $1 million in funding to support 80 Victorian arts projects at home and abroad.

Visiting Brunswick’s Counihan Gallery   , which received a $20,000 Arts Development grant to present a new exhibition by The Slow Art Collective, Mr Batchelor said the latest Brumby Labor Government Arts Development and International program grants demonstrated the diversity and strength of Victoria’s arts sector.

“From emerging artists to internationally-renowned organisations, Victoria’s arts sector is constantly enriched by new ideas and perspectives which are a treat for audiences both at home and abroad,” he said.

“Today I am pleased to announce $1,032,966 in funding for 80 arts projects across the state.

“This funding will support the creation, presentation and programming of new works as well as international tours and cultural exchange opportunities for our artists and organisations.”

Mr Batchelor said the latest round would support a variety of artforms including dance, literature, puppetry, theatre, music, craft and new media.

“Our Government is committed to supporting the growth and sustainability of the Victorian arts sector and providing opportunities for local, national and international audiences to experience work by Victorian artists,” he said.

“The Arts Development program will provide $785,000 to 56 projects while the International program will support 24 projects, with total funding of $247,966.

“The Brumby Labor Government is proud of Victoria’s thriving arts culture and we are committed to supporting and strengthening it through programs such as this.

“Our Arts Development and International programs are just two examples of how we are helping artists build their careers, expand their practice and share their talent with the world.”



Jessica Aszodi, BRUNSWICK EAST, $19,500
The development of Parlour Tricks, a new musical performance for three singers with electronics and an ensemble of baroque instrumentalists.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Todd Macdonald, WEST PRESTON, $10,000
The development of Inoperable Tucker Turtle, a solo performance work based on a personal investigation of the far reaching effects of infant disability and illness.

Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Jacob Boehme, NEWPORT, $13,000
The development of Lu'arn, a new dance and puppetry piece telling a traditional Boon Wurrung story, using traditional song and dance with contemporary visual storytelling mediums such as puppetry, lighting and contemporary dance.

BalletLab, SOUTHBANK, $18,000
The development of Above, a new dance-based contemporary performance work exploring reincarnation and the desire for apotheosis.

Big West Festival on behalf of Susie Dee, BRUNSWICK, $18,000
The development of Taxi, a theatre work about the experience of taxi drivers, performed in a series of narratives experienced in moving taxis, for audiences of three at a time.

Black Lung Theatre, NORTH MELBOURNE, $8,500
The development of The Plague Cycle, a narrative-driven, site-specific theatre project examining the relationship between three young men consumed by fear.

Aaron Choulai, COLLINGWOOD, $7,500
The development of Ranu, a music collaboration exploring the impact of religious-based music on traditional cultures.

Ross Coulter, MELBOURNE, $10,000
The development of 10,000 Paper Planes, a work involving the release and subsequent video recording of 10,000 paper planes in the domed reading room of the State Library of Victoria.

Patrick Cronin, CARLTON NORTH, $9,500
The development of original music and script for an audio play entitled Anthem, a black comedy combining original music, spoken word and sound effects.

Leanne Hall, FITZROY NORTH, $15,000
The development of The Queen of the Night, a novel for young adults.

Mark Hilton, WHEELERS HILL, $17,000
The creation of a sculptural work that explores how people are conditioned through social hierarchies, injustice and excess.

Insite Arts Pty Ltd on behalf of James Saunders, SEDDON, $9,000
The development of The Lobotomist, a theatre work based on the life of Dr Walter Freeman, one of the 20th century's most controversial and vilified physicians.

Peter Knight, SEDDON, $8,500
The composition of new works focusing on contemporary brass techniques.

Stephanie Lake, FITZROY NORTH, $7,500
The development of Holy, a project that tackles the subject of faith through the creation of a new dance/theatre work.

Brendan Lee, FOOTSCRAY, $8,000
The creation of Australia Days, a new media installation looking at the twenty years since Expo 88, exploring the generalisation of Australian male attitudes and iconography.

Monash University on behalf of Kit Wise, ELWOOD, $15,500
The creation of Arcadia, a new media work representing the ideal city in relation to nature.

Monash University on behalf of Lily Hibberd, NORTH MELBOURNE, $6,000
The development of ice, time, desire, an interdisciplinary work that will examine human regulations of time and desire, centred on the material form of ice, out of which four installation-based artworks will be created

Moriarty's Project Inc on behalf of Rennie McDougall, KENSINGTON, $11,500
The development of Emerald City, a dance work about the sedative experience of our lives and constant superficial stimulation.

Moriarty's Project Inc on behalf of Sandra Parker, ELWOOD, $19,000
The development of The Recording, a new dance work incorporating movement, video, sound and performance, exploring ideas of truth, lies and misinterpretation through contrasting versions of the same event.

Ruby Joy Murray, BRUNSWICK, $8,000
The development of Running Dogs, a work of adult literary fiction which tracks the lives of four expatriate children growing up in Jakarta during the fall of the Suharto dictatorship in 1997-98, and the effect of their childhood on their adult lives.

Paddy O'Reilly, BALLARAT, $12,000
The development of Human Taxonomy, a novel about body transformation and celebrity.

Overload Poetry Inc, MELBOURNE, $3,000
The creation of spoken word poems by four poets in response to Indigenous artworks in the Ian Potter Gallery.

Sam Sejavka, MT WAVERLEY, $5,000
The development of Ambergris, a play set on a fictional island off Australia's coast where a small community faces extraordinary change.

Noel Skrzypczak, NORTHCOTE, $12,000
The development of Love and Babies, a new installation work using glass, resin and acrylic.

The Dog Theatre Inc on behalf of Joshua Cameron, FITZROY, $10,500
The development of While the Mountain Waits, a new theatre script that gives that gives voice to a sense of belonging to one's place of origin, regardless of the nationality of one's ancestors.

The Hayloft Project Inc, BRUNSWICK, $18,500
The development of a new work based on the classic story of Antigone.





Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Angus Cerini, NORTH CARLTON, $25,000
Presentation of Save For Crying, a new performance work inspired by three real characters on the streets of Melbourne and the myths that surround them.

Michael Crane
The presentation of the 5th edition of The Paradise Anthology, an annual publication of poetry, music and short fiction by emerging and established artists.

Helen Frajman, BALACLAVA, $20,000
The presentation of 3 Books, a simultaneous publication project by three established photographic artists.

Jack Productions Ltd, FITZROY, $29,000
The presentation of An enantiomorph affair, a reinterpretation of the ballet-theatre work a sense of common trinity, exploring themes of respect and integration.

Melbourne Writers' Festival on behalf of Oslo Davis, FOOTSCRAY, $18,000
The presentation of Drawn Story, a newspaper of cartoons by local and international artists as part of the 2011 Melbourne Writers Festival.

Moreland City Council on behalf of Counihan Gallery, BRUNSWICK, $20,000
The presentation of The Brunswick Project, an exhibition by The Slow Art Collective that will develop and unfold through a 'gallery-as-laboratory environment' focussing on ephemeral, evolving artworks that respond to the location.

Moriarty's Project Inc on behalf of Shaun Mcleod, HEIDELBERG HEIGHTS, $16,500
The presentation of The Weight of the Thing Left its Mark, an improvised dance/music work.

Moriarty's Project Inc on behalf of Antony Hamilton, NORTHCOTE, $19,500
The presentation of Intersection, a site-specific dance/sound drive-in performance exploring the atmosphere of the urban ruin, the fragility of the body and the romance, nostalgia and tragedy of derelict spaces.

Multicultural Arts Victoria on behalf of Tony Yap, BRUNSWICK, $22,000
The presentation of Eulogy for the Living #3 - Winged Creatures, featuring a cast of 11 performers accompanied by large-scale projections, drawing on Butoh, Grotowski and South East Asian trance practices.

Platform Youth Theatre Inc, NORTHCOTE, $30,000
The presentation of Crossed, a new play by Chris Summers.

Rawcus Theatre Company Inc, ST KILDA, $19,000
The presentation of Small Odysseys, a new work exploring great quests, from the epic to the personal and the notion of the hero.

The Melbourne Food and Wine Festival on behalf of Roundangle, BRUNSWICK EAST, $12,000
The presentation of Magic in your Mouth, Roundangle's new character-driven sensory adventure through the Melbourne Museum's refurbished children's garden involving sound, puppets, tastes, touches and scents.

UN Projects Inc, MELBOURNE, $20,000
The presentation of Un Magazine Volume 5, issue 1, an art journal featuring responses to contemporary art exhibitions, articles, essays, text-based artworks and creative writing by artists and writers,

University of Melbourne on behalf of Margaret Lawrence Gallery, SOUTHBANK, $6,000
The presentation of Tract, a project that will link artists across different generations and mediums around a collective interest in new approaches to 'landscape'.

Blaise Van Hecke, MONTMORENCY, $5,000
The presentation of [untitled] issue 4, a bi-annual anthology of short fiction gathered from new and emerging writers around Australia.

Writings on Dance Inc, ARMADALE, $10,000
The presentation and distribution of volume 25 of the performance journal Writings on Dance.

Special initiative
Auspicious Arts Projects on behalf of Andrew Follows
, ELTHAM, $5,000
The presentation of Blind Sight, an exhibition of photographic works.


Arcko Symphonic Project
, COBURG, $17,000

The presentation of the Arcko Symphonic Project's 2011 season of concerts.

Artlink Australia, ADELAIDE, $7,500
The presentation of four issues of Artlink in print and online.

Astra Chamber Music Society, NORTH MELBOURNE, $15,000
The presentation of a 60th Anniversary season of seven choral and instrumental concerts.

Australian Book Review, RICHMOND, $15,000
The presentation of the Australian Book Review's 50th anniversary publishing program, involving the commission of new writings in many genres along with a range of high-profile ABR events.

Blindside Artist Run Space Inc, MELBOURNE, $10,000
The presentation of Blindside's 2011 program of curated exhibitions and events

Conical Contemporary Art Space Inc, FITZROY, $18,000
The presentation of Conical's 2011 program of solo, collaborative and mentored projects focussing on spatial and conceptual practice.

Going Down Swinging, MELBOURNE, $25,000
The presentation of Going Down Swinging, a literary journal published in print and online, featuring poetry, short fiction, non-fiction, visual art, comic art and spoken word recording.

Jolt Sonic and Visual Arts, BRUNSWICK, $13,000
The presentation of a curated concert series comprising four unique shows exploring the theme of terrains.

Melbourne University Publishing, CARLTON, $25,000
The presentation of four issues of Meanjin's print journal.

New Music Network Incorporated, MARRICKVILLE, $17,000
The presentation of the 2011 New Music Network Concert Series in venues across Melbourne and regional Victoria.

Platform Youth Theatre Inc, NORTHCOTE, $17,500
The presentation of Platform Youth Theatre's month-long program of theatre, forums, work-in-progress showings and debate.

Shepparton Arts Festival Inc, SHEPPARTON, $5,000
The presentation of the 2011 SheppARTon Festival of Voices program.

The Consort of Melbourne Inc, EAST MELBOURNE, $15,000
The presentation of the Consort of Melbourne's 2011 Subscription series of five concerts featuring major repertoire supported by commissions of new music.

Total Arts Development projects supported:56
Total Arts Development funding:$785,000



Penny Baron
, THORNBURY, $13,615

Tour of The Whale's Tale and A Curious Game to Capital E National Arts Festival, Wellington, New Zealand, 14 to 27 March 2011.

Olivia Barrett, SOUTH YARRA, $10,000
Group exhibition, Chinatown, at Prism gallery, Los Angeles, USA, September to November 2011.Artists include: A Constructed World, Bianca Hester, Matt Hinkley, Damiano Bertolli, and Joshua Petherick.

Chunky Move, SOUTHBANK, $20,000
2011 US tour of I Like This by Antony Hamilton and Byron Perry, 1-16 April 2011.

Madeleine Flynn, NORTHCOTE, $20,000
2011 tour of The Megaphone Project to the World's Children Festival, Washington, USA and New Adventures in Sound Art Festival, Toronto, Canada, 14 June to 20 July 2011.

Robert McKenzie, KEW EAST, $10,000
Exhibition of The D-Gene Project at Foxy Productions, New York, 27 May to 27 July 2011 and Johan Berggren Gallery, Malmo, Sweden during October 2011. Artists include: Jennifer McCamley, Janet Burchill, and Guy Benfield.

Moriarty's Project Inc, NORTH MELBOURNE, $10,000
Tour of At the Sans Hotel to the Next Stage Festival, Toronto, Canada, 5-16 January 2011.

Callum Morton, ST KILDA EAST, $4,350
Exhibition of a new large scale work, Monument #27 Goodies, in a group international show, De-Building, at Christchurch Art Gallery, February 2011.

Kevin Murray, BRUNSWICK, $8,515
Welcome Signs: Exhibition of Contemporary Jewellery from the Asia-Pacific
Region at the Abhuisim: Tradition and Design event, New Delhi, India, 4-6 February 2011. To include work by three Victorian artists Marian Hosking, Roseanne Bartley and Katheryn Leopoldseder.

Neon Parc, MELBOURNE, $8,826
Neon Parc Gallery exhibition of Victorian artist, Rob McLeish at the 2010 NADA (National Art Dealers' Alliance) Art Fair, Miami, USA, 2-5 December 2010.

Nina Oikawa, BENTLEIGH, $10,000
Exhibition of eighteen Melbourne jewellery artists, Jewellery Topos at Gallery Loupe, Montclair, New Jersey, USA, 10 March to 3 April 2011.Artists include Robert Baines, Nina Oikawa, and Karla Way

Ranters Theatre Inc, ST KILDA, $20,000
2011 international tour of Holiday to Portugal and Wales, 20 March to 2 April 2011, followed by creative residencies on a new work, Song in Wales, Canada and Slovenia from 3 April to 15 May 2011.

Jarrod Rawlins, PRAHRAN, $3,000
Uplands Gallery exhibition of Victorian artists, Renee So and James Deutsher at the 2011 Art Stage Singapore Art Fair, 12-16 January 2011.

Strange Fruit Productions Inc, COLLINGWOOD, $20,000
2011 tour of The Three Belles to North America, 29 May to 5 July 2011.

Sutton Gallery, FITZROY, $10,000
Exhibition of Victorian artists at ARTHK11, Hong Kong International Art Fair, 26-29 May 2011. Artists include Kate Beynon, Stephen Bush, Rafaat Ishak, John Meade, and David Rosetzky.


Janet Burchill
, CAMBERWELL, $9,400

Exhibition by Janet Burchill and Jennifer McCamley at 1 Shanthi Road Gallery, Bangalore, India, 1-14 May 2011.

Catherine Clover, COBURG, $6,000
Exhibitions of Birdbrain sound installation at Soundfjord Gallery in London, 18 June to 30 July 2011 and Emerson Galerie, Berlin, 2-13 July 2011.

James Geurts, MELBOURNE, $3,800
Collaborative three-month residency project at the Center for Contemporary Art (CCA), Tel Aviv, Israel and the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem, Israel, December 2010 to February 2011.

Not Yet It's Difficult Incorporated, BALACLAVA, $9,000
The Clockwork Heart
creative collaboration between NYID (VIC), Elision (UK) and Wuturi (South Korea) to take place in Dresden, Germany, 3-16 June 2011.;

Tom Petsinis, TEMPLESTOWE LOWER, $3,000
Reading tour to St Anza 2011 - Scotland International Poetry Festival, 16-20 March 2011.

Polyglot Puppet Theatre, SOUTH YARRA, $7,000
Collaboration with Square Moon Culture Company, Beijing and Building Lab Theatre Company, Taiwan on the development of a new Chinese version of Muckheap during April 2011, to tour China in May/June 2011.

Alice Pung, PARKVILLE, $2,800
Cross cultural reading tour to Italy of the writer’s novel, Unpublished Gem, 14-28 November 2010.

Snuff Puppets Inc, FOOTSCRAY, $25,000
2010/11 collaborative exchanges in Indonesia and South Korea from 1 December 2010 to 1 May 2011.

Valerie Sparks, MURRUMBEENA, $8,660
Six week UK/Europe research/residency, 1 February to 15 March 2001 on the development of a new body of photographic installation work.The itinerary includes Centre Intermondes, La Rochelle, France and Whitworth Gallery and Manchester Museum, UK.

State Library of Victoria, MELBOURNE, $5,000
International writer's exchange as part of the State Library of Victoria’s 2011 Reading Matters Conference, Melbourne and the 2011 Edinburgh International Festival involving John Marsden (VIC) and Bill Pullman (UK).

Total International projects supported: 24
Total International funding: $247,966


The Megaphone Project

The Megaphone Project