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Quick Response Grants


The May 2016 round of Music Works Quick Response Grants has now closed.

Quick Response Grants from $1,000 to $5,000 for individuals and $1,000 to $15,000 for groups and organisations are available to cover immediate opportunities in the Building Capacity and Connecting to Markets Areas of Funding.

Alignment with Music Works Grants aims

  • Support strategic professional development and career opportunities for Victorian contemporary music artists, musicians, performers and associated industry professionals where the funding or access to resources are a barrier.
  • Showcase Victorian content locally, nationally and internationally

Areas of Funding

1. Creating Content

(Major Funding Rounds only)

2. Building Capacity

Building Capacity is designed for industry stakeholders such as managers, artists, small organisations and industry technicians to offer career development, and to build industry capability.  Building Capacity will fund activities that assist professionals to acquire business acumen and industry skills through attendance at workshops,  master-classes, industry conferences and other professional development opportunities which have a direct input into furthering their business or artistic output. 

3. Connecting to Markets

Connecting to Markets is designed to increase the industry’s capacity to connect with new audiences and to take their business to the next level by exploring opportunities and strategies which would usually be outside their reach. Funded activities will include opportunities for artists and industry practitioners to increase their live audience, extend their market share and address barriers to the market.  

Connecting to Markets also invests in regional, national and international touring to help Victorian acts develop national and world-wide networks and audiences.

Eligibility and Priorities

The Music Works Grants program accepts applications from Victorian-based professional music practitioners working in contemporary music from all genres and career stages, and Victorian-based managers, technicians, venues and small to medium industry organisations (also see General Eligibility). 

For your application to be considered by the panel, you should be able to answer 'yes' to the following questions:

1.  Has this opportunity arisen unexpectedly?

Quick Response grants are available for projects that have arisen outside longer planning timeframes.  Examples of opportunities could include an invitation to a showcase, tour or learning opportunity that could not have been anticipated. It is not available for projects that have long lead times or where the expectation is that it could be applied for through Music Works Major Funding Rounds. Evidence of promoter booking or invitation to speak/attend/showcase is required.

2.  Is the money you're applying for going towards Building Capacity and Connecting to Markets?

Quick Response grants are for the Building Capacity and Connecting to Market streams of the Music Works program. Funding requests for Creating Content, for example a recording project, or music video are not a priority unless you can demonstrate exceptional circumstances.

3.  Is your project suitable for a Music Works Grant?

The Music Works program is specifically designed to support development and capacity building for the contemporary music industry. As an industry focused program, priority is given to projects that intend to engage with the commercial industry.

4.  Does the opportunity you're applying for begin before the first eligible date of the next Music Works Major Funding Round?

If your project begins after the first eligible date of the next Major Funding Round (see website for current Major Funding Round dates), your application will not be prioritised for support.

If you have any questions please call program staff to discuss. Contact details can be found in the “Contact” tab above.

Please Note:

  • Creative Victoria will only accept one application per applicant (including under auspice) each funding round.
  • Auspicing bodies may apply on behalf of multiple applicants.
  • State-owned cultural agencies and organisations receiving funding through Creative Victoria's Organisations Investment Program are not eligible (except where acting as an auspice body).
  • Quick Response Grants successful applicants may be asked to participate in mentoring opportunities and appear in Creative Victoria marketing material.

Quick Response Grants are not available for :

  • Invitations that would have fallen within the standard Music Works Grants biannual funding rounds
  • Projects to create content
  • Applicants that have received a Quick Response Grant in the last 12 months
  • Projects comprising less than 75% original Australian compositions/content
  • Reimbursement for project expenses already incurred
  • Eisteddfods or projects with competition elements
  • Grant writing fees
  • Business start-up costs
  • Applicants that have an overdue Creative Victoria (or former Arts Victoria) acquittal
  • Certificate, degree or other courses of ongoing study in government or private institutions

Funding Available

Quick Response Grants offer funding of:

  • $1,000 to $5,000 for individuals; or
  • $1,000 to $15,000 for groups/organisations.

Note: Demand for Creative Victoria project funding is high and this is an extremely competitive program to enter. Applicants must not assume they will be successful, or enter into commitments based on that assumption, before receiving formal notification of the outcome of their application.  Nor should applicants assume that if they are successful once they will be successful again in the future.

All applicants are encouraged to plan for contingencies and consider other funding sources and options should their application be unsuccessful.

Closing date

Applications for funding through the May 2016 round of Music Works Quick Response Grants have now closed.

Applications are accepted online using the Creative Victoria Grants Portal.

How to Apply

Applications for funding through the May 2016 round of Music Works Quick Response Grants have now closed.

Making an application

Each application will be competitively assessed against the program aims (see Overview) and the five Assessment criteria.

Quick Response Grants offer funding of:

  • $1,000 to $5,000 for individuals; or
  • $1,000 to $15,000 for groups/organisations.

You will be required to answer the following questions in plain English in less than 2000 characters each including spaces (i.e approximately 250-300 words):

  • Why should you be funded through the Quick Response Grants? Include why this opportunity/market is important to you now. 
  • What impact will the proposed activity have on the participant/s, specifically in terms of career development and career sustainability?
  • What contribution does the proposed activity make to the economic growth, sustainability and reputation of the Victorian contemporary music industry?

Application process

To prepare your application, you need to:

  1. Read all the program information.    
  2. Contact program staff with any questions.  
  3. Apply online using the Creative Victoria Grants Portal.  
  4. Upload any supporting documents required as part of your application (refer to the Application Documents and Supporting Material section), including a tour itinerary  (XLS, 52KB) if required  
  5. Submit your completed application before 5pm, Wednesday 8 March 2016. You will receive an email to confirm that your application has been received.

Application Documents and Supporting Material

Every application is different, but the Quick Response Grants Application Documents and Supporting Material guidelines  (DOC, 98KB) provide a guide to some of the types of supporting documents and materials that may be relevant to your application, and the size limits for each. 

  • You can upload and submit up to 10 files and/or 10 URLs (external links). 

If applying under the Connecting to Markets stream it is highly advisable you include:

  • A detailed marketing plan/outline for this project.
  • An itinerary/timeline.
  • Evidence of promoter booking or invitation to speak/attend/showcase.
  • Any other relevant support material (See Application and Support Material list).

If applying under the Building Capacity stream it is highly advisable you include:

  • Evidence of promoter booking or invitation to speak/attend/showcase.
  • An itinerary/timeline.
  • Any other relevant support material (See Application and Support Material list).

Providing the right support material is important to your application. Proposals must include both application documents and artistic/content support material.

  • Not all types of support material will be appropriate for your project; please ensure that you select material that is most relevant to your application and best supports your proposal.
  • URLs must be publicly available (and/or include login/password requirements) and should link directly to the material you want to submit.
  • Attached files can be no more than 25MB in size each.
  • It may be necessary to combine supporting material into one document in some instances; eg. multiple images or letters of support may be compiled into one PDF or PowerPoint file.

The following file types are accepted:

Documents – Word (.doc .docx); Excel (.xls .xlsx); PowerPoint (.ppt .pptx); Acrobat (.pdf)

Images – .jpg .png .tiff

Audio – .mp3 .wma

Video –  .mp4 .wma .avi .mov


Each eligible application will be competitively assessed against the program aims (see Overview) and the following five equally weighted assessment criteria:

Timeliness - the applicant makes a clear case as to why the proposed activity is important right now.  The panel will consider if the proposal:

  • Demonstrates the capacity to achieve the project goals and to fund this application would be timely
  • Shows the capacity to achieve the project goals but this is not a critical opportunity
  • Does not show adequate capacity or timeliness to achieve the project goals.

Career Development - the proposed activity aids the career development and sustainability of musicians, performers, managers and other industry professionals. In assessing this criterion, the assessment panel may consider:

  • If the proposed activity is timely and relevant in the context of the participant’s career
  • The potential for key participants to develop through the proposed activity
  • How the proposed activity is different from, or builds on, previous music industry activity (eg. albums, tours, professional development).

Industry/Audience Development - the proposed activity aids the sustainability, economic growth and market share of the Victorian contemporary music industry. In assessing this criterion, the assessment panel may consider:

  • The potential of the activity to develop new networks and partnerships for the Victorian contemporary music industry
  • Strategies for engaging new audiences and the industry in the activity, including measures to assess the success of these strategies
  • If the marketing/distribution campaign is coordinated and appropriate (where applicable)
  • If the proposed activity has the potential to contribute to quality and reputation of the Victorian music industry nationally and internationally.

Artistic/Professional Merit - the application demonstrates an appropriate level of artistic and/or professional merit. In assessing this criterion, the assessment panel may consider:

  • The strength of artistic/professional support material provided
  • The originality and relevance of proposed digital or audio visual content (where applicable)
  • The track record of key personnel undertaking the activity as demonstrated by their biography and professional profile.

Viability - the application demonstrates the level of planning and professional organisational capacity required to deliver the proposed activity through provision of:

  • A viable and realistic budget including an appropriate level of cash and/or in-kind contributions to the project/program.
  • A clear commitment from presenters/promoters/booking agents (where applicable)
  • Relevant supporting documentation; and
  • A viable timeline and/or confirmed touring itinerary.

Assessment Process

Members of the Creative Victoria Advisory Panel Register, comprising arts professionals and community representatives, may assist with the assessment of applications. Advisory Panel members and Creative Victoria staff assess and rank each application against the program aims and assessment criteria.


As a recipient of Creative Victoria funding, you are required to:

  • Notify Creative Victoria of any changes to your proposed project
  • Publicly acknowledge the support of the Victorian Government using specific logos and text
  • Acquit your grant by completing a written report on the outcomes of your funded project.

Notification of changes

Once you have received funding you are required to keep Creative Victoria advised of any significant changes that may impact on the project. Changes to itineraries (dates, venues etc) and expenditure of approved funding can normally be accommodated as variations to a funding agreement. You should contact Creative Victoria program staff to discuss any likely changes.

Logos and Text Acknowledgement


The Creative Victoria logo device must be included on all promotional materials produced by the grant recipient in relation to the funded activity.

Creative Victoria logo

These may include (but are not restricted to):

  • Posters, fliers and brochures
  • Advertisements
  • Invitations
  • Information and education kits
  • Signage
  • Programs and catalogues
  • Websites.

The size and position of the logo should be commensurate with the level of funding provided by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria in relation to other supporters.

The Creative Victoria logo device is available in a variety of formats, please take note of the guidelines for its use.

Text Acknowledgement

The following text/verbal acknowledgement of Victorian Government should be used in any speeches, media releases, interviews and other circumstances where a logo may not be possible:
[This project is] supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria

Acquittal Reports

When your funded activity is completed, you must provide Creative Victoria with an acquittal report within 30 days.

Failure to satisfactorily acquit funding will make you ineligible for future Creative Victoria funding and may result in action to recover the grant.

The acquittal report includes a financial reconciliation. For grants of $40,000 and over the acquittal report must include an opinion or certification by an independent auditor that verifies the financial reconciliation.

For further information go the the Acquittals page.


Dean Linguey

Senior Arts Officer, Music
T: 03 8683 3133
E: dean.linguey@ecodev.vic.gov.au

Aarti Desai

Arts Officer
T: 03 8683 3106
E: aarti.desai@ecodev.vic.gov.au

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