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Regional Partnerships

The Regional Partnerships program provides funding to support Victoria's network of regional art galleries and performing arts centres.

Funding is delivered through rolling triennial agreements with local government authorities that own and operate most of these facilities.


The aim of the program is to strengthen the arts industry in regional Victoria and ensure that people living in regional areas have access to high quality arts and cultural facilities and programs. Funding is an investment by the State Government in the delivery of the cultural programs of these facilities and supports the substantial investment made by many councils in the sector.


The funding program is not open to new applications.

Local councils contemplating the construction of new galleries or performing arts centres should contact Arts Victoria and discuss their plans.

Arts Victoria currently has 25 Regional Partnership Program agreements in place, supporting 41 arts facilities - see Funding recipients for details.

The requirements outlined in the agreements are:

For art galleries

  • be an active participant in the State's network of public art galleries.
  • present and market a diverse range of exhibitions in a variety of media that will make it an attractive destination for visitors.
  • deliver a range of other public programs that foster, encourage and support community engagement with the visual arts.
  • develop, manage and conserve its collection.

For performing arts centres

  • to be an active participant in the State's network of performing arts centres.
  • present an active and diverse performing arts program including inbound professional product.
  • endeavour to present regular performing arts programs in the wider region.
  • deliver a range of other public programs that foster, encourage and support community engagement with the performing arts.
  • present and market its venue(s) as attractive destinations for professional, commercial and community cultural activities and their audiences.

Funding available

The overall Arts Victoria budget for the program is approximately $3.6 million p.a. Funding offered for individual cultural facilities varies between $40,000 p.a. and $145,000 p.a. The funding levels are approved by the Minister for the Arts each year.

Funding structure

To provide transparency in funding and to ensure an equitable distribution of funds, a funding structure has been developed that:

  • Establishes groupings of galleries and performing arts centres on the basis of the scale and scope of their programs.
  • Provides a range of funding levels within each grouping to recognise programming differences or particular needs at each facility.
  • Allows for one off project funding.

Advice is provided to the Minister each year about which facilities best align with which groups and whether additional elements of their programs warrant extra support. Facilities that have reduced the scope of their programs might be recommended for a reduction in funding.

The groupings and funding ranges are:

Art Galleries:

Group 1: $135,000-$145,000

Major art galleries with substantial collections of national significance that offer comprehensive public programs and major exhibitions.

Group 2: $100,000 - $135,000

Galleries with large collections of State significance and comprehensive exhibition programs.

Group 3: $70,000 - $100,000

Smaller regional galleries with a specialist collection base and generally a more limited exhibitions program.

Group 4: $30,000 - $70,000

Exhibition galleries where the collection (if any) is of local significance and the gallery's principal activity is the presentation of regular professionally-curated touring and temporary exhibitions.

Performing Arts Centres:

Group 1: $100,000 or more

Large scale operations with annual budgets over $1 million. These are leading presenter venues offering diverse and comprehensive annual programs across a wide range of performance genres.

Group 2: $70,000 - $100,000

Medium sized venues or multi-venue operations with full time professional management offering substantial annual programs.

Group 3: $40,000 - $70,000

Performing arts programs presented in town halls or other venues that are not operated as full-time performing arts centres.


For further information about the program please contact:

Fay Chomley

T: 03 8683 3145

Nick Baker

T: 03 8683 3142