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Otouto, pronounced "otto-oo-toe", are a Melbourne trio comprised of sisters Hazel and Martha Brown and Kishore Ryan.

Inspired by artists including Laurie Anderson and Björk, and with a nod to pop icons such as Beyonce and Madonna, Otouto describe their music as a "melding [of] mainstream pop and experimental reference points".

The group released its debut album 'Pip' in March 2010 - and it was named feature album on Melbourne's 3RRR, Sydney's 2SER and Perth's RTR.

Otouto have embarked on tours with Australian musicians including The Audreys, Laura Jean and Sarah Blasko and have supported popular international artists Micachu and the Shapes, Jim White and Best Coast.

Otouto recieved an Arts Victoria grant in 2010 for the band's North American and Canadian tour.

For more information and to hear their music visit Otouto's MySpace.

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