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Heide Museum of Modern Art

Art, architecture and landscape

Heide Museum of Modern Art, located in Bulleen, just 20 minutes’ drive from Melbourne's CBD, began life as the home of John and Sunday Reed and has since evolved into one of Australia's most important cultural institutions.

The property on which the museum stands today was purchased by John and Sunday Reed in 1934, and they named it 'Heide' after the nearby township of Heidelberg. Heide became a focal point for contemporary art and culture as the Reeds opened their home to like-minded individuals such as artists Sidney Nolan, Albert Tucker, Joy Hester, John Perceval and Danila Vassilieff. The Reeds lived to see their vision fulfilled for Heide to become a public museum when Heide Park & Art Gallery opened in November 1981. They died shortly afterwards in December 1981, ten days apart. They are remembered as champions of modern art, music and literature and remain two of Australia's most important art benefactors.

Heide III exterior

Heide III
Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne

Since opening, Heide has grown from a gallery based in the 1960s modernist Heide II house to include Heide I, the original farmhouse and the purpose-built space of Heide III. The integrated museum space includes the Albert and Barbara Tucker gallery, the Andrew Myer and Kerry Gardner Project gallery, the central galleries and the Heide Store, a beautiful retail space. Schools and community groups are catered for in the Sidney Myer Education centre, a place for dynamic learning and creativity, and the delightful Café Vue Heide serves breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, plus a seasonal produce inspired Garden menu and delicious lunch boxes for picnics in the gardens.

The 15 acres of heritage listed gardens, stretching from the farmhouse down to the banks of the Yarra River, developed over several decades in tandem with the art and architecture. The beautiful environment at Heide offers a space for family enjoyment and individual reflection, and incorporates a sculpture park of over 36 works, several original gardens and various artist gardens.

For all who visit, Heide offers an inspiring, educational and thought-provoking experience of modern and contemporary art, architecture and landscape.

painted corrugated iron cows

Jeff Thomson
Cows 1987
painted corrugated iron
Heide Museum of Modern Art, Melbourne
© the artist